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When the "Green Apple Splatters", its how fast you move that matters!!  Update: 4/6/2018
Hey, you can talk to me VOIP...I can listen for your signal on any band I monitor. If you see me in the window below...turn on my VOIP server...for details, open the MAIN MENU and follow the instructions.
You can review all my ramblings, discoveries, technical articles, user tips and  other crap in my White List...
     The office camera, where I play radio and support my loyal business customers.  Sorry, but this place is a dump!!
The 32 Ford Hot Rod project can be reviewed at
    I have no radio equipment, and I really don't plan to
purchase anytime soon. I have been a loyal Amateur Radio Operator for 65 years...I have heard it all on damn near every frequency allowed, seen it all on SSTV and FSTV. I have experimented in analog, and digital modes. I have done
homodyne, hetrodyne and SDR...Believe me, I have no desire
to play "boat-anchors", let alone turn another knob...ever!
I will not build another antenna. When these fall down I will roll them up in a ball of wire and dump them in the trash!!
I presently listen on SDR radio. I don't have the kind of money some of you guys do so I have to do my fancy spectrum scope on a budget. I click on the screen and the frequency changes, no knobs to piss with...real neat stuff, and I have all the benefits of 10,000 dollar boxes with DSP filters which are more adjustable then any knob radio, while AGC control of RF/IF front end stages is above and beyond most any amateur requirements. Selectivity, sensitivity, front end variable gain meets a wide variety of conditions.