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When the "Green Apple Splatters", its how fast you move that matters!!  Update: 11/6/2017
Hey, the new website is starting to come around. I will modify a lot of the original pages, but I have removed most of the old tutorials and added some new ones. They are PDF files and require Acrobat Reader.
You can review all my ramblings, discoveries, technical articles, user tips and  other crap in the Shit List...
     The office camera, where I play radio and support my loyal business customers.  Sorry, but this place is a dump!!
I wish to thank the people at SourceForge for their
 support of Xampp Apache Server application.
The 32 Ford Hot Rod project can be reviewed at
    I operate primarily on 80 Meter SSB well into the "extra" segment of the band. I am a night owl, so don't expect to find me during daylight hours. I have been at this hobby for 61 years now. I have 50 years on 80/75.
   Believe me, I have heard it all.
This website has been tested in IE11, EDGE and FIREFOX
I am really big on SDR radio...but I don't have the kind of money some of you guys do so I have to do my fancy spectrum scope on a budget. I use an SDRplay that tracks my Yaesu knob radio. I click on the screen and the frequency changes on my radio's vfo...real neat stuff, and I have all the benefits of exceptional sensitivity and selectivity. The software DSP filters are more adjustable then the knob radio and the AGC adjustability is above and beyond most any requirement. Selectible front end gain meets a wide variety of conditions. I have an SDRserver on-line and a Remote Audio Server...details on the splatter menu!!