There is no CHAT ROOM here...

I have removed the Chat Room, Contact Form, Mini-Blog from this website and all my sites, gone , all gone.
There is no resaon to continue this nonesense.

If anyone had told me I was going to witness the abortion of common sense. I would have laughed at them.
If anyone had told me I was going to witness a mass insurgence of ignorance. I would have called them crazy.
If anyone would have told me that corruption in our government, our politicians and our leaders was going to end America as I know it....
I would have scolded them for being anti-American.

Sadly this has all come to pass...and I will not support any of it by feeding the circus animals what they want.
I will keep my love for America, my patriotism and my freedom to myself.
I was born in a different time so I will remain. I don't have to adhear to the laws written by the over-officious jerks in Washington DC.
I don't have to stop being an American simply because the morons on social media tell me how wrong I am. Obviously they know better, but I don't give a damn!!

The silent minority, those of us born as post-war babies and teenagers just before Vietnam, we will never be heard from again!!
By the year 2025 all of us will be gone from the face of this planet.

We won't be missed...we were in the way of progress. We were the last voice to protest communism. We were the last survivors of a time when government was
full of deep dark secrets and the people actually trusted our leaders to do what was right. We were the final generation of religious believers and the last
known voices of common-sense. But now we are in the way, we are considered the obstructors of justice.
So be it...I will be gone soon and you can have this planet all to yourselves. I am not the last patriot to go, but there are no new additions, we will never exist again!